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New DLC Arrives for TALES OF ARISE Including Collaboration With Sword Art Online

A trio of DLC arrives for TALES OF ARISE today, introducing new difficulty settings, training ground battles, and a special collaboration with SWORD ART ONLINE featuring new costumes, boss fight, and Mystic Artes. A new trailer highlighting the DLC can be viewed below:

The new update and DLC for TALES OF ARISE include:

New difficulty settings – Experience TALES OF ARISE with Very Easy – for players who just want to enjoy the game’s story, and Unknown – which brings the difficulty beyond the current Chaos difficulty setting.

New weapons and Training Ground battles – New enemies await players in Training Grounds with new weapons to win for completing the new trials. PC players will receive this DLC through a free patch, while console players can sign up through BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.’s website to receive a free DLC voucher –

Please visit the giveaway website page for more information regarding the DLC vouchers.

SWORD ART ONLINE collaboration DLC – Worlds collide when Kirito and Asuna from the SWORD ART ONLINE franchise arrive in the world of TALES OF ARISE. This paid DLC includes a special boss battle against Kirito and Asuna, Kirito and Asuna costumes for Alphen and Shionne, a new Mystic Artes “Cosmic Ensemble” and weapons, Night-Sky Blade Replica and Blue Rose Sword Replica for Alphen. The SWORD ART ONLINE collaboration DLC will cost $15.99.

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