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NUKKLEAR, Co-Developer of the Upcoming Dune Survival Game, Awarded Epic MegaGrant for Development of Their New IP, Fog & Silver

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Today, NUKKLEAR GmbH, the development studio whose credits include games like Destroy All Humans, Comanche, and co-developer with Funcom on the upcoming Dune survival game, announced that they have been awarded an Epic MegaGrant, worth $25,000 USD, to develop their original IP Fog & Silver.

The Epic MegaGrant is awarded to game developers who are innovating in the 3D graphics space. In the dark and fantastical world of Fog & Silver, NUKKLEAR have created a concept full of highly detailed and realistic environments and rich narrative, worthy of funding from one of the biggest companies in the gaming industry. While the game is still in development, the team at NUKKLEAR is working hard to bring this concept to life.

“It’s quite the honor to receive such positive feedback from one of the largest game companies in the world,” said Kirk Lenke, CEO of NUKKLEAR. “The Epic MegaGrant has given us additional financial support for the project, but more than that, it has reinforced that what we are doing is something really special. Our team has been hard at work on Fog & Silver for quite some time now, and we are happy that we can finally share some of it with the world!”

Set against the backdrop of an alternate 19th century Europe, the world of Fog & Silver combines dark and mysterious supernatural forces with highly advanced technology. But the rift between followers of the occult and followers of science runs deep, and a powerful force threatens to stoke the flames of conflict and throw the world into calamity. Only The Exalted — living legends like Nikola Tesla, Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, and Thomas Edison — hold the power to save humanity. If they can keep their egos in check and work together that is.

Players take on the role of a fully-customizable Exalted, tasked with bringing together the world’s greatest minds — scholars, inventors, scientists, and wielders of great supernatural powers — to battle against the monstrous horrors that have been unleashed upon the world. As players recruit more of The Exalted, they will unlock powerful abilities to unleash in intense combat scenarios, and branching storylines that bring more life to the world of Fog & Silver.

The Flying Ferdinand, a massive, multi-functional airship, will serve as a hub for the team of historical and fictional icons, and the main mode of transportation on their global adventure. Players can use the onboard crafting station to upgrade their own abilities, and those of the ship, whose arsenal can be called upon to turn the tide of battle.

Like with the characters in the game, the environments will be a mix of historical and literary locals. Players will journey with their team of Exalted everywhere from the dungeons of the Tower of London, to the ritzy carriages of the Orient Express. Each area has been touched by technological advancements and the hands of the occult, making them feel distant yet familiar. Missions are dripping with rich detail, with secrets begging to be discovered.

The reveal of Fog & Silver, combined with the recent news of NUKKLEAR’s involvement in the upcoming Dune multiplayer survival game demonstrates that the studio is making big moves to become a bigger player in the gaming space. Because of that, NUKKLEAR is on the lookout for new talent to expand their remote team, and continue their output of high-quality projects. To find out more, please visit the official NUKKLEAR Games website:

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