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Coromon Featurette Breaks Down Battle System, Multiphase Bosses, PvP, More

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Coromon, the modern monster taming game from developer TRAGsoft and publisher Freedom Games, prepares trainers for its Thursday, March 31, 2022 launch on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac via Steam and Epic Game Store with an in-depth look at battle systems, boss fights, and other mechanics.

Embark on an adventure alongside a squad from more than 120 different Coromon. Battle through a classic RPG campaign and stop a shady organization from devastating the world! Ensure Coromon squads are well versed in all three skill types: Physical, Special, and Status. Attack diversity makes all the difference in tense trainer battles. Each Coromon skill depletes a limited stamina supply. Strategize each turn and decide on the right move, be it attacking, replenishing stamina by resting, or healing with a clutch item. Physical skills use a Coromon’s Attack stats which can combo with other traits to gain an advantage. Bypass an opponent’s physical defenses with Special skills to deal even more damage.

Based on a Coromon’s Special Attack stats, these skills can potentially create powerful combos with status effects. Weave in Status skills to swing the hand of fate in your team’s favor with passive changes to your current Coromon or the enemy in front of them. Examples of these skills include temporary stat boosts, enemy debuffs, weather summons, among other game-changing effects.

Put the squad’s skills to the test against the Coromon Titans in multiphase boss fights. Muster all the fortitude and strategy your team can, as Titans will change phases inflicting different field hazards, call in backup, and other unexpected complications. Take the skills mastered through Coromon’s campaign and go head-to-head in online PvP. Annihilate other trainers in casual or competitive ranked matches. See what meta-strategies the community gravitates toward and find a personal battle style to break the mold.

Coromon will be available on Nintendo Switch as well as Windows PC and Mac via Steam and Epic Game Store on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

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