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My Time at Sandrock Multiplayer Open Pre-Alpha Starts Next Week

The makers of My Time at Portia and Sandrock will release Sandrock’s multiplayer open pre-alpha test, giving Early Access owners a chance to check it out before it is released later this year. Open Pre-Alpha will begin September 19th on Steam and Epic and will be available for a week until September 26th. Early Access players will have the chance to experience Sandrock’s new multiplayer mode. In this mode, players can build amazing structures with friends and experience both collaboration and competition.

The 2nd My Time game, Sandrock released its Early Access on May 26 with the Single-player story first. As a more wild and adventurous game than the prequel, Sandrock is able to create a more wild and dangerous environment for players to experience the series of stories the desert town has to offer. As for multiplayer, it takes place in a compressed timeline but uses a similar background with a unique story. Multiplayer can be played alone or in a group of up to 4 players. It will cover events up to 50 years prior to the singleplayer main story. It somehow tells about the good old days of desert events and shows up familiar NPCs.

The Multiplayer mode allows players to create teams with up to four players. Teams will first spawn in the builders’ plaza and start work on building many town buildings you’ve seen in the single player, it’s up to the team how the land and resources are managed. Competing or cooperating with teammates is an important consideration for players. And your actions determine the events of the town of Sandrock development.

After the open multiplayer pre-alpha from September 19th to 26th, developer Pathea Games will keep track of multiplayer progress and server performance to optimize and improve the multiplayer over the next few weeks. There may be another round of testing planned after the completion of this one. Adding even more new content and systems My Time fans love and suggest, Pathea Games plans to bring multiplayer into Early Access on PC platforms early next year. All Early Access players are free to choose their way to play.

The multiplayer open pre-alpha will be available for Sandrock on Windows PC via Steam Early Access and Epic Game Store on Thursday, Sep 19, 2022. Current Early access owners will select which mode to play when launching the game on Steam, and Epic players need to download the free DLC.

My Time at Sandrock is currently on sale at a 15% discount on Steam Store and Epic Game Store. This is Sandrock’s first offer since releasing Early Access and will be valid for 7 days, ending at 3:00 AM ET on September 22nd. For gamers who love the genre, it’s the perfect time to buy and try out Multiplayer Pre-Alpha.

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