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80s Horror-Inspired Puzzler Slayaway Camp 2 Slashes through PC via Steam in 2024

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Slayaway Camp 2, the ‘80s horror-inspired puzzle slasher developed and published by Blue Wizard Digital, terrorizes a new set of victims on PC via Steam in 2024.

Trapped in a digital hellscape by terrified teens, Skullface must slash his way through the oddly familiar (yet legally distinct!) streaming service known as TERRORTUBE. Murdering his way across numerous environments and parodies of classic 1980s films, Skullface must find a way to escape TERRORTUBE and return to the real world.

Choose from one of five killer classes, each with customizable skins and distinct abilities to make murder marvelously messy. Phase through objects as a Ghost, paralyze victims as a Beast, or stick to the classics and paint the town red as a Slasher. Leave a trail of death and destruction behind in order to find a way out of this digital prison.

Solve fiendish environmental puzzles to corner your victims, then torture them in hilariously gory fashion. Scare them to death, set deadly traps, or get creative with the tools available – crush victims with boulders or mulch them with lawnmowers. Keep your kills creative to insure Skullface is always smiling under that spooky lil’ mask.

The PC version offers a bevy of improvements from the original, including a revamped interface, increased graphical performance, and Steam achievements and leaderboards. Bonus content such as an “Endless Mode” take inspiration from classic arcade games, challenging players to creatively reach the ultimate high score, and special Steam Deck enhancements allow you to use those weird buttons and stuff on the back of the Deck to shake, throttle, and mangle victims in embarrassingly kinetic fashion.

“Horror fans who like the sillier side of scary movies will love Slayaway Camp 2,” said Nate Schmold, Creative Director and Game Designer at Blue Wizard Digital. “If they don’t love it, Skullface will know, and Skullface will be sad. And Skullface gets stabby when he’s sad. Our lawyer’s telling me to clarify that this is not a threat but that we’d like you to buy and enjoy our game.”

Slayaway Camp 2 will arrive on PC platforms via Steam in 2024 for $12.99.

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