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Enshrouded’s Next Major Content Update, Melodies of the Mire, Available Today!

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Keen Games’ announced today that the second content update for Enshrouded has been released. Melodies of the Mire, the new update introduces musical instruments and the new giant trees sub-biome, The Blackmire. This update also includes new features, wildlife, building materials, assets, and an expanded enemy faction, plus quality of life improvements, influenced by the Feature Upvote platform for the Enshrouded community. Enshrouded developers and publishers Keen Games continue to check off their roadmap goals for 2024, with a full 1.0 and console versions launching in 2025. Tune in to the Melodies of the Mire trailer below for a small sample of the new content and improvements. Ad-mire the complete list of updates here.

Hitting the High Notes
Welcome to The Blackmire – an expansion of the Revelwoods, Deep Forest area with towering trees, rambling roots, and houses hidden between branches. The new area focuses even more on verticality in the world of Enshrouded, with some areas accessible by bouncing on the new jump pads. Also hiding amongst the trees are the Vukah, a faction of forest dwellers who look friend-shaped, but are quite vicious when they need to be. Other new wild beasts dwell beneath the colossal canopy, in the swamplands and underground areas. Mind your step – deep mud will bog you down if you’re not careful while adventuring.
Musical instruments were a highly requested feature, and they are finally included to allow players to live out their bard fantasies. Players can pick up instruments such as the lute, harp, drums, or flute and have their friends join them in a cozy campfire song that grants a buff to help extend adventures while on the road. More instruments will be added along the way in future updates.

New Trees, New Identities

The giant trees in the new sub-biome not only allow for new exploration, but also allow for new materials, decorations, props, and furniture that give builders new possibilities that wood-n’t have been previously possible using the new trees found in Blackmire. New terrain and building styles along with new prop and furniture sets give builders even more freedom to create the treehouses of their dreams or the swamps of their nightmares.

We can also confirm that the number one most requested feature on Feature Upvote currently will be included: player progression and world progression! Now, players can complete quests already finished by admins of other servers on their own time.  Another sought-after feature set was custom naming for Flame Altars and bases, as well as showing character names, rather than Steam account names, while playing and on tombstones. No more will you have to exclaim “WHO TOOK MY STUFF!?” upon returning to where you met your demise. Further, fuel your fantasy with names that reflect your Flameborne. Welcome them to your humble Castle Lighter-Than-Black Skull with its own customized name. We’re not finished with our favourite features yet, but if you wish to see the full list for yourself, we’ve compiled them in a handy video.
Steam Decks and Dual-Wields

Good news, Steam Deck players — Enshrouded now runs smoother on your favorite portable system, with both content updates ready to go on the go! Amongst the showy new sub-biome, creatures, and materials are a slew of quality-of-life improvements running behind the scenes for all players.

Combat has also been improved by rebalancing class combat and adding dual-wielding daggers for players to double-stab opponents. Improvements to balance and player progression, more vanity system options, server settings configurations, and the possibility to allow players to keep their chest content from harm means better gaming for everyone.

Enshrouded launched into Early Access on Steam on January 24th, 2024, with full 1.0 and console releases planned in 2025

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