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Playstack and Posh Cat Unveil “Little Problems” – A Cozy Detective Game for the Heart and Mind

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In a refreshing departure from the typical narrative of grandiose conflicts and complex villainy, Playstack and solo developer Posh Cat are proud to introduce “Little Problems,” a game that celebrates the subtler, more relatable side of detective work.

This charming title, inspired by the acclaimed “The Case of the Golden Idol,” is set to challenge players to solve mysteries around minor inconveniences, everyday misunderstandings, and of course, little problems.

“Little Problems” stands out in the gaming landscape as a comforting alternative to other titles in the genre, inviting players to delve into a world where detective work is about connecting with your friends, understanding the small yet significant daily life issues, and finding joy in the simplicity of resolution. This game is not about saving the world; it’s about enriching it, one little problem at a time.

“We’re excited to bring ‘Little Problems’ to a wide audience of gamers who’d enjoy smart, detective gameplay in a more cozy setting,” said Harvey Elliott, CEO of Playstack. “This game is a testament to Posh Cat’s innovative vision and we believe it will resonate deeply with both players seeking a cozy yet engaging gaming experience and accomplished detectives.”

Little Problems is set to launch later this year, with a demo coming soon.

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