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Time to Morp: First Contact Prologue Demo Out Now.

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Team Halfbeard and Yogscast Games are thrilled to reveal Time to Morp: First Contact, a playable prologue to the upcoming cute and cosy colony sim — Time to Morp — which is available to play now on Steam.

In this tutorial-style demo, players will be able to familiarise themselves with Time to Morp’s colourful world, teeming with adorable Morps, ahead of its recently revised release date of March 7, following a small delay in development. Check out the all-new trailer.

Spanning around 1-2 hours of gameplay, Time to Morp: First Contact is a short sandbox colony sim experience which takes place before the events of the main game, designed to introduce players to the whimsical story and mechanics of the Time to Morp universe alone or with friends.

After landing on a new planet, players discover a spreading corruption that is endangering local creatures. With the help of their drone companion, they must gather resources, build a base and find ways to tackle the problem, all while exploring a vast variety of biomes, unearthing all manner of secrets and befriending a barrage of adorable little Morps.

Time to Morp’s prologue presents the perfect opportunity to venture forth into a vibrant world and truly get a feel for the game. What’s more, those who download and play Time to Morp: First Contact will earn themselves a discount on the full game upon launch.

If making a fully-automated base and wrangling cute, plush, yet chaos-driven little creatures sounds like it’s up your alley, be sure to dive into Time to Morp: First Contact today. For more information on Time to Morp, you can check out the official website here.

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