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Create Your Own Civilization From Scratch In Galactic Civilizations IV Beta 3

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Stardock, longtime developers of the Galactic Civilizations series, are excited to share details of the new updates and additions to the Galactic Civilizations IV beta.
The addition of the civilization creator, leader events, more command ships, and tons of other improvements and updates offers a more robust gameplay experience ahead of the game’s upcoming release on the Epic Games Store.
Testers can now experience Leader Events, a dynamic new system that adds to the already massive scale of Galactic Civilizations IV. Leaders now have their own stories that evolve across event chains and quests that range from marriages that shift power dynamics to outbursts of crime. This system adds to the immersion by bringing more authenticity to the civilizations that players will manage across a full campaign.
The Civilization Creator gives more flexibility to playing Galactic Civilizations IV, offering both new and veteran players a chance to showcase their creativity and by designing  a civilization fully built with their own playstyles and strengths in mind.
In Galactic Civilizations IV, players spread their civilization out from their home planet, exploring, researching new technology, and eventually clashing with neighboring civilizations. Dominate the known universe through colonization, trade, diplomacy, intrigue, and war in this next installment of the Galactic Civilizations franchise, which adds more in-depth research options, story-driven missions, and a new 4-axis ideology system to fully immerse players in their role as a galactic leader.

The Galactic Civilizations IV Beta 2 added three new multiplayer modes, a cinematic battle viewer, new events, additional policies, and new galactic achievements. The Beta 3 update now allows players to create their own civilizations, complete with customized citizens, art, personality, ships, and more.  Players can play as their created civilizations, or challenge themselves by making their civilization an opponent and battling against them.  Leaders now have their own storylines, event chains, and quests, and Governors may also ask for help when something is going wrong in their worlds.
A full list of added fixes and features in beta 3 can be found on the Galactic Civilizations IV website

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