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My Time at Sandrock Announces Open Beta Test of The Multiplayer System

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Following closed beta in 2022, Pathea Games is pleased to announce a new open beta playtest for My Time at Sandrock starting from Jan 12th, 7PM PT | 10PM ET | Jan 13th 4AM CET – Jan 20th, 2023 (Exact end time TBD)

Sandrock multiplayer mode, in contrast to single-player, allows players to form teams of four and work towards a common goal in the oasis town of Sandrock. Using strategy, players can assign tasks, gather resources, craft items, and build houses together in the Builder plaza, striving to level up the city’s commerce and prosperity. 

The multiplayer gameplay maintains the legacy of Portia and Sandrock’s single-player modes, but becomes more intense as players work towards a shared goal of building common houses and commerce. In addition to this, players also enter the Meta area and experience the “semi-fictional, compressed” stories of Sandrock’s history over the past 50 years, meeting familiar and new characters, discovering more about the town’s history, and even becoming the star of the town through various interactions and interplay.

The multiplayer mode also includes alternative stories and NPCs, as well as character customization options. Players can use the rich player interaction system to perform interesting actions together, play mini-games, ride horses through the desert, exchange gifts, date NPC’S and much more. Collaboration is also key in combat, as players can work together to conquer monsters and bosses in the wild desert or dungeons, and split loot to develop a shared home.

You can check out My Time at Sandrock HERE

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