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3D City Builder As Far As The Eye Travels to Nintendo Switch Today

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As Far As The Eye, a turn-based resource-management game where the wind guides a tribe to the center of the world from developer Unexpected and publisher Goblinz Publishing, traverses to Nintendo Switch today. Players who already own Goblinz Publishing titles Legend of Keepers, Banners of Ruin, or Defend the Rook enjoy a 50% discount when purchasing the title.
Set off on a mystical journey as the wind leads the Pupils to discover the Eye, the center of their world. Bolster the tribe’s mobile village, making turn-based decisions to improve their collective knowledge and skills through agriculture, crafting, scientific, and mystical research. Avoid the rising waters and dire conditions waiting on each unknown path, collecting enough resources to sustain the Pupils before moving ahead.
Discover bountiful plains to harvest resources such as wood, plants, and stone, and exhaust their materials before planning construction. Build sawmills and hunting lodges, taking account of buildings’ placements in relation to water to avoid floods. Produce enough food to keep Pupils well fed and nourished to complete objectives. Lead the tribe to a new halt with planned intentions to reach as far as the Eye.
Travel amongst friendly neighboring villages and befriend other communities to invite them to join your nomadic ways. Converse with newfound allies to open up trade opportunities for items, skills, traditions, and unheard legends. Travel alongside the beloved companion Taifu, a caravan capable of transporting supplies atop its back.
Never fear attack as Sacred Sites are stumbled upon. Pay due respects or bear the consequences of treason and plundering their resources. Determine which option is more resourceful while gathering as many Pupils as possible. Ensure the tribe’s survival on their difficult nomadic journey to earn rewards and uncover untold stories in a procedurally generated journey.
Customize gameplay with myriad modifiers including game duration, halt size, resources generation and quantity, and more during the risky expedition filled with heavy decisions and risky consequences.
“As Far As The Eye creates a place for a peaceful journey with heavy decisions to thrive,” said Johann Verbroucht, founder and manager at Goblinz Publishing. “The game is adaptable to many people of all different playing styles, with different elements available to customize gameplay.”
As Far As The Eye is available now on Nintendo Switch for USD $24.99 / 20.99 €. It supports English, French, German, Spanish (Europe), Polish, Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Japanese languages. Owners of Legend of Keepers, Banners of Ruin, or Defend the Rook will enjoy a 50% discount when purchasing the title.

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