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Diluvian Winds Takes Shelter on PC Early Access in Q3 2022

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Diluvian Winds, a colony sim where anthropomorphic evacuees build a community around a lighthouse surrounded by rising waters, prepares to take shelter on Early Access for PC via Steam and GOG in Q3 2022 as announced today at The MIX Showcase.

Developer Alambik Studio and publisher Goblinz Publishing invite kind-hearted rescuers to enter a beautiful hand drawn sail-punk world in peril, but with hope. Take the role of the Guardian, the stubborn keeper of the lighthouse who refuses to leave despite the threats of the angry storms and high waves causing a mass exodus of a coastal village. Take in the charming refugees looking for a place to stay and build a thriving self-sufficient society.

Welcome new lodgers, employing them for vital work such as constructing dormitories to increase the settlement capacity, a cellar for food storage, or food production. Upgrade existing structures for an extra boost in resource production and morale. Expand the buildings to underwater and aerial locations for special resources, such as oil production and fishing.

Take advantage of each critter’s personal skills and preferences to maximize efficiencies. Each has its own distinct ability, including collecting more wood from debris and keeping spirits high during the workday. Keep furry friends fed according to their diet preferences and well-rested to maintain morale and readiness for the challenges ahead.

Watch sea levels and weather conditions to keep the great fire at the top of the lighthouse alive, feeding it with oil, wood, or scraps every night. During high tides, powerful tsunamis envelop the shore, destroying everything in its path. As the skies open and the flood subsides, clear out the wreckage and start rebuilding the community.

A whimsical tale with unforgettable characters, an ambient soundtrack, and a lesson of resilience during hardships, Diluvian Winds is a sandbox adventure where no day is the same, with multiple survival paths to choose from as the Guardian adapts to their harsh reality.

“Diluvian Winds is a game filled with opportunities and important messages,” said Johann Verbroucht, founder and manager at Goblinz Publishing. “On the surface level, it’s a strategy sim. At its core, it’s full of impactful choices as the Guardian rebuilds their home over and over, relying on others just as much as they rely on them.”

Diluvian Winds docks on Early Access for PC via Steam and GOG in Q3. It supports English, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain, Latin America), Korean, Russian, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Japanese, and Polish languages.

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