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Nature needs you! There’s a mess of planetary proportions to clear up in No Place Like Home

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Awaken Realms, a tabletop publisher making its Steam debut with Chicken Launcher, is delighted to announce that No Place Like Home, their green-fingered, post-apocalyptic clean up game will be leaving early access on 10th March 2022. No Place Like Home is a post-apocalyptic-yet-colourful simulation game where the Earth has been stripped of natural resources and left to collapse under mountains of waste as humankind abandons it for a life on Mars. Those who remain must set about clearing up the mess left behind, restoring the natural balance and starting anew. Learn from the mistakes of the past to create a brighter future for your farm, your village and the entire planet.

Clearing, recycling, crafting, cooking, trading and much more are key to transforming wasteland into farmland where people prosper. But this is much bigger than one person. As a village and community evolves from the seeds of civilization, so do the possibilities. There’s freedom in this recovering world to take it in many different directions.

Following a successful spell in Early Access, No Place Like Home will officially launch on Steam on Thursday 10th March, with support for German, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish (European) and Chinese (Simplified).

No Place Like Home has been a joy to work on and we’re so looking forward to sharing it’s full release with our community and beyond.” commented Adrian Komarski, Co-Founder of publisher Awaken Realms “We’re incredibly proud of No Place Like Home, it’s been a real passion project for our team to make the move into digital publishing as well as shine a light on serious environmental concerns. Starting with a stark look at the damage we’re doing to the environment whilst creating a fun and enjoyable game that literally sees the world become a better place. What more could we ask for?”.

Key Features

  • Recycle and craft to build your own farm: Turn trash into trade items as you craft with recycled resources to run your own post-apocalyptic farm.
  • Produce your food from seed to stew: Scavenge the world for seeds to grow your own produce and create nutritious meals that can be traded for useful items.
  • The world is yours to find: Explore, go on adventures and find hidden secrets that will help you run your farm.
  • Salvage your village: Restore the environment from the wasteland it has become to rebuild your village, and the world.
  • Make some animal friends: Restore wild habitats and domesticate farm animals to help life thrive in and around your village and farm.
  • Convert an old house into your cozy home: Rebuild, refurbish and decorate your house, after all there’s no place like home.

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