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Now Available on Steam – Design, Play and Share Dungeons in Super Dungeon Maker

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Grab your sword, shield, and your most creative thinking cap, as the Zelda-inspired create-your-own-dungeon level editor Super Dungeon Maker is now available on Windows PC via Steam Early Access! Born from the exceptionally creative minds of indie studio FIRECHICK, Super Dungeon Maker takes players on a 2D pixel-art quest of pure, unbridled imagination and creative prowess. Further appealing to Nintendo fans, Super Dungeon Maker will also launch on Nintendo Switch later this year.

Inspired by the artistic freedom offered by level editor titles such as Super Mario Maker, players will battle it out and explore limitless dungeons as Fink, a plucky yet heroic chick who’s tasked with navigating a near-infinite variety of treacherous dungeons designed by the vast (and growing!) creator community.

With countless combinations of tricky rooms, sneaky traps, vicious enemies, and chicken-hungry bosses at your disposal, there are virtually endless possibilities of adventure to both invent and explore. The fun doesn’t stop there though, players can also challenge each other and compete within the community for achievements such as World Record Time, Completion Rate, and more.

Key Features of Super Dungeon Maker Include:

  • DM Extraordinaire: In the dungeon, your creative prowess is limitless; place as many enemies, floors, secret paths, perilous traps, special items, and hidden objects as your heart desires. Just remember: the reward makes it worthwhile, but the challenge is what keeps them coming back!
  • A Dungeon of Pure Imagination: With so many ways to customize dungeons, there’s no telling where you’ll get swept off to! Careful dungeon design means not only well-placed traps and enemies, but enchanting environments, too! Choose between dungeon biomes like forest, desert and castle — or even complex combinations of them all!
  • Accessible Adventuring: Unlike other level editors and sandbox games with significant learning curves, Super Dungeon Maker is optimized for both controller and mouse + keyboard play, making it easy for anyone of any skill level to jump in and start creating. Its simplistic UI and easy-to-learn instructions make Super Dungeon Maker an easy choice for fledgling creators and pro designers alike.
  • Dungeons Anonymous: Once you’ve unleashed your deadly dungeons upon the world, it’s advised to collect feedback from your victims…erm…players…in order to perfect your dungeons and keep them of the highest quality. Earn a reputation and keep adventurers coming back to your divine creations!

Super Dungeon Maker, winner of the “Best Family Game” Award at Gamescom 2021, is now available on Steam Early Access for $11.99 (with a limited-time discount) from developer FIRECHICK and publisher rokaplay. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch later this year. To learn more about the game and its development, visit the official website.

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