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Some big changes to farm-life RPG Orange Season

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SOEDESCO’s farm-life RPG Orange Season is getting some big updates. Now developed by Innerfire Studios, the game is receiving an upgrade on all fronts. From a slight change in name to a brand-new early-access build to play.

The changes include:

  • The game is now simply called “Orange Season”
  • A new early access build coming to Steam today
  • New in-game art
  • Better fleshed-out NPCs
  • New environments & maps
  • New animations
  • New key art
  • And much more

“The master’s eye is the best fertilizer”
Want to check out the updates for yourself? As of today, a new build is included in the early access on Steam. Players can switch between builds at any time, since the old build will remain available to players until April 2023. That means all their hard work on the farm won’t go to waste just yet. Orange Season is currently in early access on Steam with a 88% ‘very positive’ rating out of 257 user reviews.

About Orange Season
Make your farmer’s dream come true in Orange Season. With your parent’s help, you’ve finally saved enough money to buy a plot of land in the charming farmer’s village of Orange Town. Build a thriving farm as you grow crops, raise animals, fish, and mine materials to establish your farm in town. Make sure to befriend the town’s eccentric residents and create your own story through your interactions with them. What will your story be?


  • Start a new life in Orange Town and build a sprawling farm
  • Expand your farm by raising animals, planting crops, and building structures
  • Explore the many areas of Orange Town, including mountains, forests, caves, and more
  • Befriend the villagers and go on dates as you help them out through quests

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