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Swords of Legends Online Update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy Is Now Live, Bringing Tons of New Content to All Regions and a Shift to Free-to-Play

Today, Gameforge, leading Western publisher of popular multiplayer online games including AION, NosTale, OGame, and Metin2 — along with partners Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon, are thrilled to announce that their stunning massively-multiplayer online role-playing game Swords of Legends Online is updating to version 2.0: The Firestone Legacy, alongside shifting to a free-to-play model, opening the mythical world of Shenzhou to even more players around the world.

“Community feedback has always informed our decisions, and 2022 will be no different,” said Noemi Feller, Vice President of Product at Gameforge. “The goal with the free-to-play model is to draw more players into SOLO and grow our community to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. And with the addition of our biggest update yet, The Firestone Legacy, we hope to show players new and old that there will be no shortage of content for them to enjoy in the coming year and beyond.”

Update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy, the first massive expansion to Swords of Legends Online, is finally available to everyone. Continuing the story with Chapters 11 and 12, The Firestone Legacy adds two new classes, five new zones, new PvP and PvE maps and raids, and so much more! It’s time for players to venture into previously unexplored corners of Shenzhou and continue writing their legends.

Update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy includes:
  • New Class — Fox Mage: Joining the game for the first time with update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy, the magical Fox Mage uses the powers of thorns and blossoms to deal damage to enemies or heal her allies.
  • New Class — Warrior: These heavy-hitting champions of the battlefield thrive in various styles of combat. Split into two separate sub-classes—the male Crystal Warrior, and the female Spirit Warrior—each possesses their own distinct masteries. Each Warrior sub-class provides players with unique new combat mechanics best suited for tanks and melee DPS.
  • New character slots will become available to players, allowing them the opportunity to check out each class in action and experience the game in entirely new ways through their stories and mechanics!
  • Increased Level Cap: Mastery of the art of combat never stops, and the level cap will now exceed level 37. Players will now start as Students from levels 1 through 36, becoming Sages at level 37, allowing them to continue to hone their skills and bring their abilities to new heights.
  • The Story Continues: Following Chapter 10, which recently launched with update 1.1: The Forbidden Court, update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy will introduce Chapters 11 and 12, advancing the storyline and unraveling more of the lore and wonder that players have immersed themselves in since launch.
  • New Zones: The world of Shenzhou continues to grow with the introduction of five new zones: Snowing Blossom Paradise (a new starting zone for the Fox Mage and Warriors), Changhe Mountain (a new location for the new classes to level up), Changfu Garden, Cloudscape beyond Langquan Bridge, and Blade Peak on Taihua Mountain.
  • PvE and PvP: A staggering five new 5–10 player dungeons are coming to Swords of Legends Online, alongside two new 10–20 player raids, including Langquan Bridge! As for PvP, a new 3v3 map will be added in the form of the Astral Ravine, as well as a new 10v10 map by the name of Go in the Snow.
  • …and More: New activities, including an action-packed flight race that will have players soaring among the clouds at break-neck speeds as they race to the top of the leaderboards! Additional balancing and bug fixes will be implemented, as well as a special Battle Pass stacked with elaborate cosmetic items.

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