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Wizard101 Launches New Season-based PvP System in its highly anticipated Spring Update

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KingsIsle Entertainment and gamigo invite players to ready their wands and prepare to duel in Wizard101’s Spring Update.  Starting today, US-based Wizards will experience a completely revamped season-based PVP system with new spells to make PvP a more approachable experience, different types of League play, and iconic rewards that will make daring to raise their wand against another player well worth it.

“Our community has been crucial in helping us to make so many positive changes in these updates, and now we can’t wait to see our latest PvP efforts realized with the introduction of 5th Age PvP.” said Ben Durbin, KingsIsle Design Lead.

Wizard101’s Spring Update also introduces players to the game’s Loyalty Program. In addition to all the normal benefits which come with optional game membership, including early access to game updates, KingsIsle wants to further recognize and reward its dedicated players. Players who retain membership for two or more months are given Loyalty Tokens which can be spent on special items in the in-game Loyalty Store.

“We are always looking for ways to make membership more meaningful and valuable, so we’re adding the Loyalty program to reward our members month after month with new rewards.” said Leah Ruben, KingsIsle Game Director

For the first time in 13 years of wizardly adventures, players will also be able to cast a selection of spells outside of combat for a variety of unique uses. Some of the new spells include ways to play mini games with a dice roll and rock/paper/scissors effects and setting a custom teleport to the destination of a Wizard’s choosing.

KingsIsle is also introducing a new gauntlet that can be accessed from player castles. In the Unforgiven Dead Housing Gauntlet, battle the best warriors the Highlands have for the right to challenge the Boss, the Banrigh Sluagh and her army of the Unforgiven Dead. On top of great loot, the Slugfest Champion also earns the Stone Throne of Scones. Oh, and don’t forget that pesky secret Boss, Grounds-Creeper Willie!

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