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V Rising’s Launch Trailer Emerges Before 1.0 Release on May 8th

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Become a Vampire and prepare to immerse yourself in the dark fantasy world of V Rising as Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios unveils the launch trailer for their upcoming full release. Set to hit Steam on May 8th, V Rising beckons players into an expansive open-world adventure, where the thirst for blood intertwines with the art of castle building and adrenaline-fueled action combat.

Returning players can anticipate a wealth of new content to sink their teeth into, while newly turned vampires can enjoy the game in its full glory with seven regions to explore and a total of 57 bosses to conquer. The 1.0 update introduces the Ruins of Mortium, a vast wintry area that was once a thriving bastion of vampire civilization, now shrouded in desolation and haunted by the remnants of Dracula’s cult-like followers. The ultimate confrontation awaits as players delve into the depths of Mortium where they will face off against the ancient tyrant Dracula himself in a showdown of epic proportions.

The highly anticipated full release of V Rising is set to launch on May 8th, promising an unforgettable journey into the realm of vampires and power struggles. The release date for PlayStation 5 is yet to be unveiled.

New Features Await in V Rising’s Full Release:

  • Explore a new deadly endgame zone: The Ruins of Mortium
  • Experience dynamic endgame events
  • Fight the monstrous Dracula, a new breed of foe
  • Several new V Blood bosses, including the final boss: Dracula himself
  • The Legacy of Castlevania event introduces legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont as a new boss
  • New weapons, A new tier of equipment, and magic improvements
  • Improvements to castle building, decor, and storage
  • Native, smoothly implemented gamepad support
  • Game optimization, visual improvements, and an all-around better experience!

For further details on the 1.0 update, visit:

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