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Official Across the Kosmos: Xenosaga Piano Collection Live on Kickstarter

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Editor’s Note: We generally don’t cover Kickstarters, but this one definately caught my eye as we would all love a Xenosaga remastered collection on PC and Modern Consoles, so signs of life for the franchise even in the form of a Piano Collection Album is interesting! ~Anj

Leading game music label Wayô Records is pleased to present Across the Kosmos: Xenosaga Piano Collection, a celebration of composer Yasunori Mitsuda’s iconic score to Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht, released 22 years ago this month in Japan. Wayô Records follows up its incredibly successful 2021 campaign for Across the Worlds: Chrono Cross Piano Collection by once again featuring arrangements from Yasunori Mitsuda’s sound team, Procyon Studio, to be performed by Benyamin Nuss, a renowned pianist in game music, but to also offer the second edition of the original soundtrack initially released in 2004 and only sold in Japan to fans around the world.

The campaign is looking to raise 30,000 EUR to bring Across the Kosmos: Xenosaga Piano Collection to fans in digital, CD, and vinyl formats. There is also a sheet music book and limited edition music box being made that will play the gorgeous ending theme, “Kokoro.” The simple reward structure ranges from 15 EUR to 900 EUR as more physical items are added, culminating in hand-signed editions and the opportunity to write personalized commentary for the album’s booklet. Stretch goals include adding an additional battle suite to the album, recording an additional collection of jazz arrangements, and even mastering the album in Dolby Atmos surround sound format. Across the Kosmos: Xenosaga Piano Collection is live on Kickstarter today:

Across the Kosmos: Xenosaga Piano Collection on Kickstarter

Xenosaga Episode I had a profound impact on the history of JRPGs, and there’s no doubt that Yasunori Mitsuda’s soundtrack contributed to making it an unforgettable project 22 years after its release,” comments Wayô Records producer Jonathan Khersis. “It is therefore with immense pride that we launch this ambitious Xenosaga arranged album project, in the continuity of our previous works, involving top-level artists and under official license from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. We’re counting on the indispensable support of everyone to make this new dream come true!”

The track listing for Across the Kosmos: Xenosaga Piano Collection is as follows:

  1. Prologue
  2. Shion -Kako no Koku-
  3. Fuan
  4. Life or Death
  5. Gnosis
  6. Kanashimi
  7. Kokoro o Tozashita Shōjo
  8. Kookai Foundation
  9. Nephilim
  10. Nukumori
  11. World to be Born
  12. Albedo
  13. Kyomu no Hamabe
  14. Last Battle
  15. Pain
  16. Kokoro

Based on stretch goal achievement, the album may include a 17th track: “Battle Suite (piano solo).” Another stretch goal will unlock a separate companion album of jazz arrangements dubbed Jazz’in Kosmos featuring the following tracks:

  1. Opening
  2. Nichijō
  3. Battle Suite
  4. U.M.N. Mode
  5. Nukumori
  6. Relief
  7. Last Battle
  8. Omoide ~ Kokoro

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