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Become a Master of Plants and Monster Farming as Monster Harvest Arrives Today on PlayStation 5

Merge Games and Maple Powered Games are delighted to announce that following a hugely successful launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360, the action farming RPG Monster Harvest launches today for PlayStation 5.

Dig deep into the soil of Planimal Point, as a new resident looking to set up roots, with a truly unique twist on the farming simulator genre. Monster Harvest taps the creative mind of players, and its burgeoning community, with a host of mix and match harvesting solutions, with mutant companions at the core of this chemistry equation, and an engaging turn-based battler system.

Utilising the power of the PlayStation 5 console, Monster Harvest looks and plays  even better with upscaled 4K visuals, improved performance, stability and framerate. Players can now feel even closer to the action with the addition of new PS5 DualSense features including immersive lighting, speaker and haptic effects as the gameplay unfolds.

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