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Take on Sea of Thieves’ First Adventure in ‘Shrouded Islands’, Live Until March 3rd!

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Ready your crew and prepare to sail into the fog as our first brand new Adventure, ‘Shrouded Islands’, goes live in Sea of Thieves! Kicking off a new series of time-limited, narrative-focused events, this inaugural Adventure sees you searching for answers in the ethereal mist that now engulfs the ruined Golden Sands Outpost… and may be starting to spread.

As part of our push to make the Sea of Thieves a more dynamic place to explore, these Adventures won’t be replacing our Season-based method of delivering free, regular content updates but will run alongside them, offering a new Adventure roughly every month, each lasting for a minimum of two weeks. There’ll be secrets to discover, battles to fight, rewards to earn and a unique cinematic trailer to introduce each Adventure, laying out the stakes and preparing you for the events ahead.

The State of the Seas

As ‘Shrouded Islands’ opens, a new threat encroaching upon Golden Sands Outpost, the sudden disappearance of Captain Flameheart from the skies and reported sightings of the mysterious Belle have caused a hubbub on the Sea of Thieves – with Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats, keeping a watchful eye on these strange events. Whenever you’re looking to venture forth on an Adventure, Larinna should have a lead to help you get started and will even beckon you over if you approach the tavern.

If you’re a new player who doesn’t know their Captain Flameheart from their Pirate Lord, or if you’re just looking for a quick lore refresher before diving into ‘Shrouded Islands’, the official Sea of Thieves website will be posting a story primer before each Adventure to help get you up to speed. Should you need more information on how Adventures will work, or the other exciting additions we have lined up for this year, make sure you check out our recent 2022 Preview Event!

Ready to go? There’s no time like the present: cast off and start a new Sea of Thieves Adventure today in ‘Shrouded Islands’. Many more Adventures lie ahead in 2022, along with Mysteries and a story-focused Pirate Legend Voyage coming soon as part of Season Six. Happy sailing!

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