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Tinykin lands on PC, Xbox, PlayStation & Switch with an adventure-filled launch trailer

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Developers Splashteam and publisher tinyBuild are kicking off the biggest little house party in town with the launch of Tinykin today on PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation, plus a day-one Game Pass debut. Check out the trailer below, featuring slick Saturday morning-style animation and plenty of juicy new gameplay footage.

Tinykin is the story of Milo, an interstellar explorer who has located the long-lost home of mankind: Earth. Beaming down to the planet’s surface he finds himself in a bizarre situation; shrunk down to barely an inch high, and trapped in a suspiciously 90s-style home. It’ll take ingenuity, diplomacy and no shortage of exciting platforming action to complete his mission, but thankfully he’s not alone on this massive miniature journey.

Expect to make friends in places high and low as Milo explores the house, every room holding its own surprises, secrets and insect civilizations. Befriend bugs, and recruit the aid of the Tinykin, mysterious critters with even more mysterious powers that swarm to Milo’s aid fresh from their eggs. Enlist their aid to move (comparatively) colossal objects, blast open sealed passages, build ladders to unreachable ledges and bridge electrical current between devices.

Milo has plenty of fun gadgets and tools to master on his mission, too. Traverse great gaps with his upgradable Bubble Glider, and stylishly slide into action on a soap-bar surfboard. Grind spider-web rails and table-edges like a pro. Who knows, Milo could be the next Tiny Hawk! Master these techniques and much more as Milo unravels the strange mysteries of this home out of time. Join him on his adventure today.

Tinykin is out now on Steam, GOG, Epic, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. PC and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also dive in on day one.

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