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Subterrain: Mines of Titan Out Now For PC via Steam

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 Subterrain: Mines of Titan,  developed by Pixellore Inc and published by Freedom Games, get ready fora riveting adventure, navigating a thrilling narrative, surviving the hostile terrain of Titan, and uncovering the mystery behind the colony’s disappearance in ‘Subterrain: Mines of Titan.The game is avaible now! on PC via  Steam.

Step into the shoes of the sole survivor of the original colony sent to Titan. The twist- you have been in cryostasis and have no recollection of what happened before you were awoken by a salvage team.  Battle enemies, endure hunger and thirst, heal wounds, and gather resources in a relentless fight for survival. Your own actions can become your greatest threat if you’re not careful. Every decision is crucial, for in this unforgiving world, time does not pause for anyone in this uncompromising turn-based survival RPG.

Key Features:

  • Survival
    Survive against bodily urges like thirst, hunger, and exhaustion, while managing injuries and environmental hazards!
  • Combat
    Engage monstrous horrors with quick turn-based combat and choose your combat style. Do you make the fight close and personal, risking death as you go toe to toe? Or do you fancy ranged attacks, hoping that ammo won’t run out at the wrong time? Will you choose to harness the power of nanomachines to unleash devastating abilities against foes and sacrifice the ability to physically pummel monsters into submission? Evolve and adapt tactics, or perish in the darkness of Titan’s mines!
  • Engineering
    Survive and thrive with limited resources by crafting an array of items, from weapons to survival gear, salvaging materials, enhancing yourself with medical supplies, and unraveling the mystery of the doomed moon in Subterrain.

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