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Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles Reveals Open World Settlements with New Trailer and Day One Commander!

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Publisher Wired Productions and developer Toams Sala today dropped a new trailer for their upcoming 3D open world city builder title ‘Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles’. Fresh off the back of a successful Gamescom showing, where solo developer Tomas Sala was awarded the Unity ‘CommUNITY game’ choice award, the brand new trailer showcases the unique building mechanics players can expect to use when carving their Bulwarks out of the sheer rocks, as well as revealing the new settlements in the open world setting of the game; highlighting the fates of the factions first introduced during Tomas’ previous game, The Falconeer.

New game features revealed:

  • Brand new locations and 9 settlements accommodated by returning factions from The Falconeer

  • Ability to negotiate with settlements and factions, allowing players to invite them into their civilisations and broker peace, taking advantage of their benefits and impacting their standing within the faction – or to demand surrender and wage war to raid them

  • Day One Dreadnot Unit and Commander – a powerful naval unit and commander available for players who wishlist and pick up the day one early bird edition of Bulwark, providing useful boons to players creations, and a durable vessel to protect them

  • Update landing next week as part of the Evolving Demo currently playable on Steam

The trailer also revealed the ‘Day One’ Dreadnot Unit, a powerful commander who helps provide naval superiority for your civilisations and available as a thank you to those who wishlist the game and pick up the game during the launch period.

“It’s been a troubling week for any Unity developer, one of pain, frustration and sadness over what feels like an abandonment by Unity3D. Doubly troubling because of gratitude I feel for what I’ve been able to accomplish through it. There are still good people in Unity I think, who are as we speak trying to figure out a way forward, and I hope they can find themselves, somewhere less dark” Said solo developer Tomas Sala. “Whilst I’ve been angered by all that has gone on, the Unity community itself has been amazing in the way it has rallied around indie developers like myself. Winning the Best Community Game at the Gamescom Indie Arena as voted by that Unity community, was a pre-shit storm energy boost I didn’t know I’d need. I am excited about how Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is shaping up and I’m pouring everything I have to give into its release and I remain incredibly grateful to everyone who has been with me on this journey so far’. 

Just as The Falconeer was Tomas’s attempt to take the players into an exploration of internal conflict. Bulwark is his attempt to take players to the same source from which his own imagination springs, experimentation,curiosity and chaos. The only thing that tempers the player’s wildest creations is that the world is alive and filled with the factional strife that was first introduced in The Falconeer. A living canvas for the player to explore.

You can play the Evolving demo and Wishlist Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles on Steam now.

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