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RPG Farming Sim Immortal Life Releases into 1.0 on PC via Steam Jan. 18

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Immortal Life, the xianxia farming simulator game with RPG elements from publisher 2P Games and developer YiFang Studio, harvests a 1.0 launch out of Steam Early Access on Wednesday, Jan. 17th, 2024 at 6pm PST/ Thursday, Jan. 18th, 2024 at 10am China Standard Time on PC via Steam.

Immortal Life 1.0 will offer new and reworked questlines, the long-awaited roommate system, and finally reveal the mystery behind the destruction of the sect. Learn the truth that lies ahead on this enchanting journey of growth and self-discovery.

Following the devastating destruction of a Taoist community known as the Guiyun Sect, the few survivors strive to rebuild their lives from the ground up in this mystical land. While Head Brother Xie remains incapacitated by the horrible incident, a new leader rises to rebuild the sect. Grow crops in the Misty Valley, cook meals, reconstruct settlements, forge relationships, battle monsters, and train comrades, all in an effort to rekindle the glory of the fallen Sect.

With time and experience, new farming tools become available, including advanced watering systems and sowing spells. Explore faraway lands with exotic creatures from Chinese mythology. Embark on quests with sword in hand and spells at the ready, take on vicious bats, electric jellyfish, and giant flower beasts. After a long day of planting, fishing, trading, and adventuring, retire to a customizable cozy home.

Cultivate crops for society, strength in combat, and warmth in the community. Thoughtfully tend to friendships to earn the respect of peers. Recruit and train townsfolk to become new members of the Sect. Lend a helping hand to the people of the Ferry Stop, with specific tasks in exchange for exclusive rewards. Discover secrets about Guiyun Sect’s destruction to uncover the truth, and who was responsible for the attack, all while becoming a stronger soldier one day at a time.

“Audiences embraced the world of Immortal Life and have spent countless hours farming and building thriving settlements, similar to the Chinese style farmer Liziqi,” said Xiaofeng Zhao, Producer and Lead Designer of Immortal Life. “We’ve added several new features including story expansions, and we’re looking forward to bringing Immortal Life to an even bigger audience with the 1.0 release.”

Immortal Life will be available on Steam for PC for $16.99 USD, €16.49 EUR with a 20% launch discount on Jan. 18th, 2024



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