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RPG Crafting Adventure Return From Core Digs Into Early Access Dec. 14

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Return from Core, the subterranean sandbox survival RPG from developer Tanxun Studio and publisher 2P Games, uncovers the secrets of Inner Earth on Dec. 14, 2023 at 7 pm PT / Dec. 15, 2023 11am China Standard Time on PC via Steam Early Access.

After catastrophe strikes the surface, the remnants of humanity take refuge in the Earth’s core. As one of the last humans, search for ancient technology in hopes of restoring civilization and returning to the sunlight. Pickaxe through the depths to collect resources, equipment, and create a temporary base. Discover the mysteries of the world below on a quest to reclaim the surface.

Collect and harvest natural resources while digging through the dark and desolate caverns. Craft essential gear and weapons, as well as build a base of operations. Adapt to the rocky surroundings by planting a garden to produce food and other ingredients to concoct health and stamina potions. Hunt the local cave critters including huge rodents, grotesque worms, and putrid slime balls as alternate forms of sustenance.

Combing through the catacombs may seem lonely, but friends exist even beneath the surface. Befriend the different hybrid monster girls, humanoid creatures with supernatural abilities. Learn their personalities and quirks to earn their favor and the aid of their powerful abilities. Lilith acts as a guide through the treacherous tunnels, providing useful tips and hints. Exercise caution with Cartier, a deceptive wolf girl with a fierce temper perfect for unleashing on fearsome foes.

“Return to Core is a journey through our own imaginations,” said Yezhi Huangquan, Producer and Developer, Tanxun Studio. “Core explorers will dig into their own imaginations and build the bases of their dreams. Thousands of possibilities await the most curious tinkerers!”

Return from Core will be available on PC via Steam Early Access on Friday, Dec. 15, for $16.99 USD, €16.49 EUR alongside a 15% launch discount until Friday, Jan. 5. Language support includes English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

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