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Bestiary for Dragonbane Announced Featuring Creatures Hairy, Scary & Strange

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From cat people to chimeras, fairies to frog people, hippogriffs to hydras, and many more – creatures both wondrous and horrifying are coming! Free League Publishing has announced the upcoming Bestiary for the recently released fantasy RPG Dragonbane.

The Dragonbane Bestiary includes no less than 63 creatures, each brought to life in text and art, as well as a random encounter and a seed for a complete adventure. Among these fantastic beings, there are nine new playable kin included, each with their own unique ability.

Read more about the Bestiary at the official Dragonbane website

The full-color hardcover book is gloriously illustrated by the artists Johan Egerkrans and David Brasgalla. The book will be available both in a standard edition and in a premium Collector’s Edition, with a faux leather cover and gold foil print.

Free League also announced a complete cardboard Standee Set for the creatures in the Bestiary for use on a battle map, available separately.

The Dragonbane Bestiary and Standee Set are now available for pre-order in the Free League webstore. Pre-orders will give immediate access to the complete PDF of the Bestiary ahead of the release in Q1 2024.

In addition, Free League announced a hardback version of the Dragonbane Rulebook – also in a standard edition and a premium Collector´s Edition, with a faux leather cover and gold foil print. The contents of the separate Rulebook is the same as in the softcover rulebook in the boxed Dragonbane Core Set, but has an added introductory adventure – The Castle of the Robber Knight. Just like the Bestiary, the Rulebook is now available for pre-order in the Free League webshop, with immediate PDF access.

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